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SMS promotions are often time-sensitive in order to create a feeling of urgency and many implement the use of promo codes, to limit the abuse of such promotions as well as track where the customer got access to the promotions. We handle the process of developing and sending these revenue building messages and help provide a sense of value and interest to your customers.
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One of the great ways to get customers engaged is by hosting a Text Message Competition. We start by determining the potential prize, then create a catchy text message and send it out to all subscribers with instructions on how to participate. Customers responding to the text are added to a list. Using a random result generator would then ensure the random selection of a winner.
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Text messages are a quick and efficient way to get information to customers. Via Text, we can notify customers of new promotions, store hour changes, special events, new products, or ongoing updates. Keeping your customers up to date on any news and recent information can help bring in sales, and keep your business on your customers minds.
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Talent Aquisition

Loyalty programs function by incentivizing consumers to make a purchase or recommend a friend and rewarding them with free items or discounts when they reach specified progress points. Loyalty programs help you develop long-term connections with your consumers and make them feel unique, which results in increased customer lifetime value. 


Increased Traffic  
Greater Brand Awareness
Customer Education
Builds Trust With Audiences
Solidifies Customer Relationships
Convey Expertise
Develops Residual Traffic
Generate Interest
Encourages Sales
Establish & Maintain Reputation
Grow A Following
Gain A Competitive Advantage
Deliver Effective Messaging
Reach Targeted Demographics